Other related projects

Here we show some current internal studio projects in development.

Most will become publications, fonts or online trials. They have all started life as points of interest for us and there is no formal brief other than to make something which shows off the subject to its best advantage. General themes are ephemera, the tactile nature of print, colour, form and the beauty or craft and other older technologies.

Site cover



These photographs were taken of three projected ampersands (Caslon italic) Three hand‑cut stencils were covered with a different colour theatrical lighting gel and photographic lights were used to project the silhouette. The overlapping coloured ampersands combine to make unusual combinations. When red, green and blue colours are used, we see white in the overlapping areas. There is an inherent inaccuracy in the process – for instance the angles, the lack of focus, the cutting of the stencils, the purity of the colour.