Other related projects

Here we show some current internal studio projects in development.

Most will become publications, fonts or online trials. They have all started life as points of interest for us and there is no formal brief other than to make something which shows off the subject to its best advantage. General themes are ephemera, the tactile nature of print, colour, form and the beauty or craft and other older technologies.

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Batsford book covers

Batsford book covers

Many years ago we discovered some mint condition covers albeit with the back flaps missing. Their origins have been well documented. Brian Cook illustrated these books from the 30s to the 50s. They were produced using the Jean Berté printing process which uses hand‑cut rubber plates and special bright inks.

With their strong compositions and bright (even garish) colours the covers are very distinctive. Given the modernity of their jackets, it seems odd that the subject of many of these Batsford books was nostalgic. During and after the second war, Batsford’s titles comfortingly describe the landscape, traditional pubs and old villages.

This research has been put together in a book which celebrates the graphic language of these covers.