Other related projects

Here we show some current internal studio projects in development.

Most will become publications, fonts or online trials. They have all started life as points of interest for us and there is no formal brief other than to make something which shows off the subject to its best advantage. General themes are ephemera, the tactile nature of print, colour, form and the beauty or craft and other older technologies.

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Coogee Dunny typeface

Coogee Dunny typeface

This project was inspired by a stencilled sign on a brick-built outhouse in Australia.

Years later we’ve taken the limited characters available from the two signs and developed and digitised the remainder of the letters, numbers and punctuation. Our version is more standardised than the original but retains the original spirit with some quirky elements.

This work has been put together in a book which documents the process of development and the construction of the typeface.